Configuring Cisco IP Communicator


How do I to configure the Cisco IP Communicator?


  • Cisco IP Communicator
  • College Issued Computer

Additional Details


  • Open IP Communicator

  • Open the Menu Option that is in the left option in the menu on the right side. The menu option is a square with a line over the top.

  • Select Preferences.

  • Select the Network Tab. 
  • Change the radio button to Use this Device Name. 
  • Set the field to IPC_YourPrimaryExtension. Example: IPC_7156.

 Note: Do not select OK yet. Make sure to continue with the steps below to finish the setup.

  • Select the Audio Tab.
  • Select Network.
  • Change the radio button to Use this Adapter's Address.
  • Under the Use this Adapter's Address, Change the drop-down to the correct adapter:
    • Off-Campus: PANGP Virtual Ethernet Adapter.
    • On-Campus Network: Intel(R) Ethernet Connection
    • On-Campus Wi-FI: Intel(R) Wi-FI

  • On the taskbar select the up arrow.
  • Right Click on the IP Communicator Icon.
  • Click Exit.

  • Ensure you are connected to VPN (if off-campus). Launch the softphone. Verify it works.


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