New Look to Macomb's Login for Office Products


The login page for and other Office logins looks different. 


  • Office Products - Login Prompt


Due to back-end changes for licensing in preparation for multi-factor authentication the login for Office products may look different. 

  • When going to an office website you will get the normal Microsoft login box. Enter your Macomb email address

  • This screen is different then the MyMacomb login. You will need to put your password in. 
  • Click Sign in. 

 Note: If you have MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)  on your account you will have to the additional authentication method you have set up. 

  • You will get a prompt asking if you want to stay signed in. We recommend saying No


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Mon 3/8/21 3:33 PM
Wed 3/9/22 4:30 PM