Returning to Work


Information after returning to work


  • Macomb Network


When returning to work you might notice some changes to email, permissions, and a new verification method for your account. 

Email Changes:

You will now receive Cortana emails, MyAnalytics, and Teams audio conferencing emails. To read more about these emails please click on the following knowledge base articles. 

Colleague Changes:

Due to new security standards, all permissions to the NAE or BIO screens have been removed. If you need access for your job and cannot use the people look up please request access through the following service request. The service request page has more information for other ways to look up staff/students without using the NAE/BIO screens. 

NAE/BIO Screen Access

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR):

We will also be requiring you sign up for Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). With this new system, you will be able to reset your own password with Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) without having to go through the Service Desk. This system will also ensure only you can log into your account.

For your convenience, we have configured to only prompt you for MFA the first time you are on a new app, browser, or a Macomb-owned device on VPN, or after you change your password. For Macomb-owned devices not on VPN, your experience will vary depending on your device's settings. But you could be prompted for MFA every time.

After registering at least two methods for SSPR, you will be able to reset your password any time by navigating to You will not have to contact the Service Desk anymore for password resets.

MFA/SSPR Sign Up Details


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