Use the People Lookup in Colleague


How do I use the people lookup in the context bar in Colleague?


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1. Open Colleague and Log in.

2. Select the Person Icon in the purple banner at the top.

3. In the search box, type in a name or student/employee ID and hit enter.

 Note: The search pulls up people with the last name you are searching but also anyone who had a previous last name of the same. This can cause a lot of records that do not look like they match the search. To have more accurate search results it is best to type in a full name for a search. Example: Smith, John, or 3 digits of each name separated by a comma. Example: smi, joh

 Note: Not all people will have a picture associated with their account. As student take their ID pictures for the one card they will be more and more available for verification purposes. 

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