Focus Assist (Do Not Disturb) - Turn Off Notifications in Windows


How do I turn off notifications in windows so I'm able to focus?


  • Windows 10

Additional Details

This setting is good to turn on when you are in meetings or while presenting from your computer. 


Method 1: Left Click on Notifications

  • Select the notifications icon that is to the right of the clock on the taskbar. 

  • Select Focus assist in the menu options.

  • Click the Focus assist option to select between two options:

You can select which apps and people have priority(we will discuss the settings area later).

You would continue to get alarm notifications that are set up. 

Method 2: Right Click on Notifications

  • Right-click on the notifications icon that is to the right of the clock on the taskbar.

  • Click Focus assist. 
  • Select Priority only or Alarms only for notifications. 


Focus Assist Settings 

  • In the search box in the bottom left, type in Focus assist settings. 
  • Select the application in the best match or select open on the right side. 

Under the settings, you can turn Focus assist on and off, set your priority list (by selecting customize your priority list), and set up reoccurring times. 

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