Force Software Center to Check for Updates & New Applications


How do force an update from software center?


  • Software Center
  • Macomb issued device


SCCM Manual Configuration Manager Update.

  1. On a system that is running SCCM Software Center, it is sometime necessary to refresh the software available on the list. To do this follow the steps below.
  2. Open the Control Panel. You can search for control panel by in the start menu by pressing the start button and typing it out. 
  3. Locate the Configuration Manager Icon and open by clicking on it. If you don't see Configuration Manager you may have to switch the control panel view from 'categories' to small icons or large icons. This is located near the top right. 
  4. On the Configuration Manager Properties box, click on the ACTIONS tab.
  5. Click on Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle and click on "Run Now."
  6. Click on Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle and click on "Run Now."
  7. Click on Software Updates Deployment Evaluation Cycle and click on "Run Now."
  8. The software in Software Center (Search for it by typing Software Center in the start menu) should update shortly.  Pressing on F5 on the keyboard while in the Software Center window will refresh it.
  9. Choose the software or update you would like to run and click install.
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