Sending an E-Mail with Credit Card Number(s) in Outlook


What happens when I send an e-mail containing Credit Card(s) to an e-mail address?


  • Microsoft Information Protection
  • Outlook
  • Outlook 365 (web version)


Expected behavior for detected Credit Card Number(s) in an e-mail sent from any Macomb e-mail address

  • Outlook will block the user's attempt to send an e-mail containing one or more Credit Card Numbers.  
  • When writing an e-mail message that contains at least one Credit Card Number, a tool tip will appear. 

 Note: This example is using randomly generated test credit card data.

  • If the user tries to send the e-mail with Credit Card Numbers, a pop up will appear stating that the message cannot be sent as is.

  • To send the message, remove the Credit Card Number(s) in the e-mail. This includes any Credit Card Numbers in the subject, body, and attachments.
  • If this message was wrongly classified, follow the steps below for manual overrides.

How to manually override a false positive Credit Card Number

  • If the e-mail has been wrongly classified as having a Credit Card Number, you can report it as a false positive.
  • Under the policy tip, select override.

  • Once clicked, the tool tip will change to verify that it has been reported.

  • Users will then be allowed to send the e-mail.

 Note: IT Administrators will review reported false positives to ensure that messages are accurately and appropriately submitted.


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