Microsoft Teams Posts & Chats that Contain Credit Card Number(s)


What happens when I have Credit Card number(s) in Teams?


  • Microsoft Information Protection
  • Teams


Expected behavior for a Teams posts & chat message containing Credit Card Number(s).

  • Credit card numbers entered into a post or chat messages will automatically be blocked. The user that posted the message or sent the chat message will still be able to see the information, but other users will not.

 Note: This example is using randomly generated test credit card data.

  • You will see the message, This message was flagged. What can I do? If the user has a business justification or the message was mislabeled select  What can I do?  

  • Make a selection of business justification or report as a mislabeled post or chat
Business Justification Report a Mislabeled Post or Chat
  • Select the bullet Override and send.
  • Select Confirm.

  • Select the bullet Override and send and report it to my admin.
  • Select Confirm.

  • What the other recipients see when a message is blocked.


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