Create a Separate User and Local Administrator Account In Windows (Personal PC)


How do I create a separate user and local administrator account in Windows for my personal PC?


  • Personal Windows 10 or 11 PC

Additional Details

 Note: This is for personal PC only. 


A local administrator account is required to install software. A home PC without login is, by default, a local administrator account. This means that malware can self-install when you inadvertently click on an infected attachment or web page. 

To reduce the risk an everyday account should be a "standard user". Then create a separate administrative account to install/configure software. When you try to install/configure software you will be prompted for an administrator username and password. 

 Note: This article is provided only for your convenience. The CIT department does not manage or support personal PC or equipment. We suggest you keep a backup of the administrator password of the account created above in a secure location and set up all the security recovery methods available. If the password is lost you may have to reinstall windows on the PC to recover the account. 


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