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How do I get contact information from Outlook?


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Outlook can be used to replace the faculty and staff search that used to be on the public website. Here are some ways to use Outlook to get contact information for individuals.

Method 1: Hover Over Contact in Outlook

  • While in an already received message, click on the name of the person, initials, or picture of the person. 

  • Hover over the name and then the contact information will populate if available. 

Method 2: Hover Over in a New Message

  • Open a New Message
  • Put the name in the To field.
  • Hover over the name until all contact information expands. 

Method 3: Search People (Departments)

  • In the Search People box above the address book, type in the name of the person or department you would like to search for. 
  • Press enter to search.

  • Click on the contact to see their information.

  • This will bring up the results of the contact.

Method 4: Search Address Book

  • Open the address book in Outlook

  • Search the person you want to contact. 
  • Contact information in the results as shown below. 

 Note: There are times when there is no contact information for a person at the college in the address book.

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