Receiving Error 53003 When Accessing my Microsoft 365 Account


When trying to log in I get an error with error code 53003. 

Error Code: 53003

Request Id: 9ff86c32-162b-42b0-8c54-a7ace1f19c00

Correlation Id: 539f8abd-140a-460d-b388-aa3622f2664c

Timestamp: 2022-09-16T05:44:06.582Z

App name: Microsoft App Access Panel

App id: 0000000c-0000-0000-c000-000000000000

IP address:

Device identifier: Not available

Device platform: Windows 10

Device state: Unregistered


  • Microsoft 365 Account


You are getting this error due to being in another location other than the United States. We will need to know the country you are trying to access so we can put a rule in place that allows you to access your account from the country you are trying from. 


Article ID: 146656
Mon 9/19/22 7:50 AM
Mon 9/19/22 7:50 AM