Kerberos SSO Extension / Password Sync


What is Kerberos SSO Extension/Password Sync


  • For macOS Staff/Faculty computers


We have enabled some previously hidden functionality in macOS called the Kerberos SSO Extension. The purpose of this extension is to streamline your access to college file shares and to keep your computer password in sync with the college network password you use for logging into and Canvas and such.

What this means to you:

  • You will be prompted to sign into MCC.LOCAL – please do so, using your username (without the and your college network password. Any time you see this dialog pop up please log in again.

  • After you sign in it should prompt you to synchronize your password. This allows the Kerberos SSO Extension to confirm that your college network password and the password you use to log into the mac are the same. Enter your college network password in the top box where it says “Active Directory Password” and enter the password you use to log into the mac in the bottom box where it says “Mac Password”. It’s likely that those 2 passwords are the same, but if they are not this Sync process will fix that.

  • When the Password Sync process is complete you should see this dialog informing you that your passwords are in sync. You should use your college network password to log into your mac going forward from this point. 

  • Enabling the Kerberos SSO Extension also adds an indicator icon to your menu bar, as shown in this picture. The icon is an image of a key.

  • If you click on the icon it will let you know the user you are signed into it with and how long you have until your password expires.

 Note: Please ignore the “Change Password…” option – it is disabled, and you should use the standard college methods for changing your password.

For more information about the macOS Kerberos SSO extension please refer to this link:

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