How to Use Employee Papercut


How do I use a Ricoh with Employee Papercut to copy, release print jobs, or scan?


  • Ricoh Multi-function Devices w/Employee Papercut


  • Getting Started: To use the Papercut system, you will print your jobs to the Employee Papercut print queue.  This will be located in your available Printers menu when going to print a document. If you do not have the Employee-Papercut print queue available, then you will need to map to it first. 
  • Open File explorer  located in the Start menu.  In the Quick access address bar, 

  • Type in the following and press enter:  \\s-app-0001\employee-papercut
  • A Window should pop up and the print queue should open as shown below.


  • Using a Device with Papercut installed: You will need to login to a Ricoh with your College issued proximity card (the same one used for parking lot entry).  You will tap the card on the card reader as shown below.

  • Card readers may vary in physical appearance depending on location.  Below are two examples.


  • Tap/hold your prox card on the Reader to login.


  • Once you are logged in you will have a choice to release your print jobs, access device functions like making copies, as well as scanning documents.

  • Print Release Menu: You can select which documents to release to the Ricoh to print. The Employee Papercut print queue will hold a print job for 4 hours.  After 4 hours jobs are removed from the queue.  The will need be to resent to the print queue in order to print.

  • Device Function Menu: You can select Copier (Classic) to get to the standard Ricoh copier menu.

  • Scanning Menu: You can select to have the scanned document sent to your email or One Drive.


 Note: If you find yourself unable to do anything at a screen that looks like this with a grayed out circular start menu, then you likely need to login to Papercut by tapping your prox card on the card reader to log in.



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