How to Connect a Personal Device to Macomb's Wifi Network?


I want to connect a personal Device to the WiFi network


  • Non-MCC owned devices



Use the following information when connecting a device to one of Macomb's wireless networks:

  • mGuest
    • "Open" (unauthenticated) access for staff, students and visitors.
    • Speeds and internet resource availability optimized for non-academic use.
    • Even for staff, this SSID will meet most needs.

  • MyMacomb
    • Authenticated access for student, faculty, and staff personally owned devices.
    • Requires login with your Macomb network (MyMacomb portal) credentials.
    • Provides Internet and Macomb resource access identical to 'wired', on-campus connection.
    • Provides faculty and students with open access to full academic content.

MyMacomb authentication: Every device handles authentication differently; please consult your device's instruction manual for how to connect to a secured network.

 Note: Once your Macomb credentials have been entered on your device, Accept the security certificate when prompted. Your device must install the security certificate to use the MyMacomb secure Wireless channel.

Configuring MyMacomb Wi-Fi on Windows 10

  • Mouse to the bottom right corner of your screen. Click on the Wi-Fi connection icon to display the available networks.

  • Click on MyMacomb.
  • Ensure that Connect Automatically is checked and click the Connect button.

    • If Windows asks you to verify the server certificate, click the Connect button to continue.
    • Enter your MyMacomb username and password.
    • Windows will then ask you a second time to verify the server certificate. Click the Connect button to continue.
  • You should now be connected to the MyMacomb Wi-Fi.


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