How to Setup your Macomb Email on your Mobile Device


How do I set up my Macomb email on my personal phone?


  • Personal Cell Phone


You can use your mobile device to access information in your mailbox. This includes e-mail messages, voice mail messages, calendar items, contacts, and task data. 

The official Microsoft Outlook App on IOS or Android will offer the most consistent experience of any mail app.  It can be installed via your mobile devices's app store.

The majority of mobile devices on the market also support Exchange ActiveSync with the device's native mail applications. Some older devices may not be supported by our email system for Exchange ActiveSync. We recommend using the Outlook App instead of native mail applications. 

For instructions on how to set your mobile device, click the link below and select the type of device you own.

If your device is requesting additional info:

  1. If it requests for the server, enter:
  2. If it requests port information: 443
  3. If it requests security type: SSL/TLS

NOTE: We do not directly support personal mobile device setup, but offer limited-support information to allow you to configure your own device.



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