How to Identify an IDF/MDF and Drop # of a Network Drop


I need to locate the IDF/MDF # and drop # of a network drop.


  • MCC owned facilities
  • Network Drops


Locating and recoding an IDF/MDF and drop number is an essential step when submitting a ticket to network support.  It is useful to identify a potential problem drop on the network or one that needs activation.  Here is how to locate these numbers:

  • Locate the physical network wall jack.  Here, is an example of one next to a power outlet:

  • The IDF/MDF number should identify a location near the room where the wall jack is located.  This picture was taken in SJ-128 and as we can see the MDF # is SJ-109.
  • The drop number is on the right and is labeled 652.  Sometimes there will be up to 4 different drop numbers.



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