How to Run a Virus Scan


  • I want to run a virus scan on Windows 10


  • Windows 10
  • On or off MCC network


  • Type Windows Security into the search box on the bottom left of your screen.

  • Click on Windows Security.

  • Click on Virus & Threat protection.

  • To do a Quick scan, click Quick Scan. If you are concerned about a virus or haven't done a virus scan in a while please do a full scan. See in instructions below on how to do a full scan. 
  • To do a full scan, click Scan options. Full scans could take an hour or longer to complete. You can continue to do your work. The computer may just be a little slower than normal. 

  • Click the Full scan radio button
  • Click Scan now. 

Once the scan is completed you will get the results. You will get options to remove any virus or threats. 

 Note: If any issues are found by the scan on your college-issued computer, please contact the CIT Service Desk at 586-445-7156.


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