Conference Room Quick Tips

Conference room etiquette

  • Be sure to clean up after yourself!  Leave the space clean and ready for the next group of users as there is no housekeeping service scheduled to do it for you.  Throw away trash and clear the room of any food/beverage/catering materials you may have brought in.
  • Most conference rooms are set to ‘auto-confirm’ a scheduling request.  If you plan to use a room, even if only for a short time, be sure to schedule a meeting in Outlook including the venue so it does not appear ‘free’ to others and pose a conflict.

Conference rooms available in Outlook

The most up-to-date list of available rooms can be found within Outlook itself.  You can access the list by opening the Global Address List in Outlook and selecting All Rooms from the Address Book drop-down menu. 

Conference room phone numbers

When viewing the All Rooms section of the Global Address List any room listed with a seven-digit phone number can be directly dialed from off-campus phones.  Conference rooms with a four-digit extension listed in the Global Address List cannot be dialed directly from outside the college.

Request a conference room to be added to Outlook

You may have a conference room in your department that isn’t available yet in Outlook.  If you would like to have that conference room added, please contact the Service Desk at from any on-campus phone to submit a request.  We will need the location (campus and room), how many seats are available, and a phone number if available. Be aware that some rooms are blocked from public scheduling given their buried locations and/or special use.


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