Computer Hardware FAQ

What is our current standard desktop configuration?

Specification HP ProDesk 600 G5 Desktop
Monitor HP Z24n G3 24"
Processor Intel Core i3-9100 3.6 GHz
Memory 16 GB
Hard Drive 256 GB
Optical Drive Yes

What options do I have for mobile devices?

We offer two models; HP Elite x2 G4, and HP EliteBook 840 G6.  

  HP Elite x2 G4 HP EliteBook 840 G8
Storage 256gb 256gb
Memory 8gb 16gb
Screen Size 13" 14"
Weight 2.58 Ibs. 3.27 Ibs.
Video Out USB-C  HDMI, USB-C
Ports 3x USB-C, 3.5mm Audio 2x USB-A, 2x USB-C, 3.5m Audio
Webcam Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Removable Keyboard Yes No
Touch Screen Yes No
Stylus Yes No

What accessories are included?

All laptops requests can include the following: docking station, carry case, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and headset.

Do the new computers have an optical drive?

CD/DVD/Blu-Ray optical drives are not available with College provided mobile equipment.  Staff are encouraged to search out streamed/Internet based media as CD/DVD/Blu-Ray content quickly nears obsolescence.

Can I request a new monitor, mouse, desktop keyboard, or carry case?

Peripherals will be evaluated at time of upgrade, and new ones installed as needed.

How do I connect to the mediated equipment in our labs?

Upon request, we can supply you with an adapter.

What happens to my data?

You are responsible for backing up your data to your department network share or Onedrive.  Current storage is difficult to restore in case of data issues.  We strongly encourage you to back up your data on a regular basis to your department network share or Onedrive.  Documentation is available to the right in a linked KB article offering help with moving your files off of your current computer.  There are step-by-step pictures and a video on the right side of the page.  We advise that you take time to consolidate and clean up old or personal files during the data migration. 

What version of Windows & Office will my new computer come with?

Windows 10/11 & Office 365.

Does the college provide a security cable?

Yes, please let us know if you do not have one and we will be sure to provide you with one.

How do I request a computer?

You can request a computer via our Equipment Request Form.

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