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Department Hours of Operation Contact
Academic Scheduling 7:30 am - 4:30 pm (EST) Susan Corey (586) 498-4016 or Lynda Goins (586) 445-7651
Event Scheduling 7:30 am - 4:30 pm (EST) Scott Muck (586) 498-4129 or Carey Wellhausen (586) 498-4179
MCPA & Lorenzo Cultural Scheduling 7:30 am - 4:30 pm (EST) Mary Petitto-Hopkins (586) 445-7610
University Center Scheduling 7:30 am - 4:30 pm (EST) Ron Goss (586) 263-6461
EMS (Accruent) Homepage  24 x 7


(Always contact Macomb contact first - names noted above)

EMS (Accruent) Support (Phone) 24 x 7


(Always contact Macomb contact first - names noted above)

Joe Jolesch (Account Exec.) 7:30 am - 4:30 pm (EST)

(303) 850-2655 or joe.jolesch@emssoftware.com 

(Always contact Macomb contact first - names noted above)

EMS (Accruent) Support (Web) 24 x 7 https://access.accruent.com/s/login/?startURL=%2Fs%2F&ec=302
EMS (Accruent) Knowledge Base 24 x 7 https://access.accruent.com/s/login/?startURL=%2Fs%2F&ec=302


  • Google Chrome is the optimal browser to use with EMS.  Currently, IE and Edge are not fully compatible.
  • EMS Support should not be contacted before one of the Macomb contacts is contacted for assistance.
  • Calls received by the CIT Service Desk for EMS issues will be evaluated, with your assistance, to determine if the issue is a CIT Technical issue or Application related.
    • CIT technical issues will be referred internally for resolution.
    • Issues pertaining to the EMS Application Software will be referred to the MCC Department Lead/ System Administrator (i.e. Academic Scheduling, Event Scheduling University Center Scheduling or MCAP & Lorenzo Scheduling).
  • In order to submit an EMS Support Ticket, Users need to be registered on the EMS (Accruent) Support Portal.  
    • Access to the EMS (Accruent) Support Portal will be limited to only Key or Core Team Members in order to ensure that valid tickets are requested.
    • If additional Core Team Members are added to the Project with EMS Support responsibility, their names will need to be submitted to the EMS Support Organization by the respective MCC Department Lead and they will be added to the Portal Access List.
  • If there are any internal EMS application errors, the respective EMS Department Lead/System Administrator will need to open a Service Ticket directly with EMS.  
  • MCC Faculty & Staff are added/deleted to EMS in a nightly batch job after HR designates them as an employee and they are added to the Ellucian System.  If there is an issue with an employee not being a valid EMS User,  follow the EMS User Password Process below:
    • EMS User Password Process: If you receive a call from an employee who can’t log into the system, or book a room/event you will need a desk instruction for the following: 1) Check to see if the employee is a valid user in the EMS System.  If they are, then the EMS Department Lead/ Administrator should grant them the proper security and permissions for what they need.   2) If the employee is NOT a valid user in EMS then:  a) Call the employee up in Colleague (any screen will show employee info. and their email in header record),  b. If the employee is NOT found in Colleague, you will need to call HR to have the employee added:   c. If employee is in Colleague but does not have an email, have the employee add their Macomb email to their HR record (and wait for the nightly HRTK batch job to pass their credentials to EMS) 
  •  Security access to EMS screens/reports and permissions are assigned by the EMS Department Lead/Administrators (Scott Muck).
  • CIT will not be responsible for monitoring the EMS Application Manager Error Log, or resolving errors generated within the application.
  • If  EMS Support requires assistance from CIT to resolve an issue they may contact the CIT Service Desk for Assistance.


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