Add External Email Address to Teams Meeting


How do I add an external email address or external person to a Teams meeting?


  • Teams
  • Outlook


Creating the Invite:

  • Open the Calendar in Outlook.
  • Click New Teams Meeting.
  • In the To field add the external email address of the person you want to invite.

  • Fill out the rest of the meeting as normal. Click Send.
  • They will click on the link that says Join a Microsoft Teams Meeting in the meeting invite to join the meeting.

 Note: During the meeting as the organizer, you will need to accept the external users from a lobby. This prevents unauthorized participants from joining your meeting.  See the instructions below on how to accept from the lobby.

Accepting external users from the lobby:

Once you are in the meeting you will get a message indicating that people are waiting in a lobby. This will only be for external users. Internal users to the college will be accepted automatically. 

  • You can select the option to View Lobby or select Admit all
  • To view the lobby if you do not see the popup you can select show participants displayed by the two people icons known as show participants

  • The lobby will show the waiting participants. You can select the checkmark to add them to the meeting or the x to decline them from the meeting. 


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