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How do I access Splashtop?


  • Splashtop


Account Setup & Installation

  • In order to use Splashtop you will need to be invited to setup your account. You will receive an email: Subject: You've been invited to join a Splashtop team.
  • Click Accept the invitation from your administrator.

  • Go back to the invitation email, and click the link to install the free Splashtop Business app.

  • Choose which platform you would like to install on.
  • Download and install the Business app.

  •   Once installed, launch the Splashtop Business app. Log into it by clicking on the Single Sign-On login link.  

  • A browser widow will then open prompting you to sign into your Macomb.edu account if you have not already signed into my.macomb.edu.

  •  When trying to login, you should see a message to authenticate your login, AUTHENTICATION REQUIRED. This is to ensure the security of your account. You'll receive an email with an authentication link. Opening this link authenticates your computer and lets you login to the Splashtop Business application.

  •  After the authentication, log in to the Business app with your credentials and you will be able to launch a remote session from that device.

Remote Access & Usage

  • Once you log into the Business app, you will see a list of computers you have been granted access to.

Online - the computer is available to start a remote session.
In session - the computer is currently in another remote session.
Offline – the computer is not accessible remotely.
  • Depending on what platform you’re connecting from, double-click/tap on an available computer to connect.
  • Once you’re remoted into a computer, you can now control and work as if you’re sitting in front of the computer.

  • Each remote session will have a toolbar at the top or bottom of the screen. Find out what each toolbar icon means for the device you’re connecting from:
  • To end the remote session, first, remember to log out of your user account on the computer if applicable.
  • Then, disconnect the session by selecting the Disconnect icon in the toolbar, or close the session window.

 Note: There are schedules that are associated with  Splashtop. If you are having difficulties you may want to check with the instructor to see if there is a schedule that is preventing you from using a certain lab. 

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