How to Update a Distribution List (DL) in Outlook


How do I update a distribution list in Outlook?


  • Outlook

Additional Details

Using the Outlook application rather than the web version can have some syncing delays. 


  • Open the Outlook Application.
  • Open the address book from the top menu options (right side of the menu).

  • Search for the distribution list you want to change. 

  • Double-click on the distribution list you want to change. A pop-up will appear with details about the distribution list. 
  • Select Modify Members.

Another pop-up will appear allowing you to add or delete members.

  • To add members, select Add option.

  • Search for the people you want to add.
  • Double-click their name to put them in the add box or select their name and click the add button at the bottom.
  • Click OK when done.

  • To remove someone you highlight their name and select Remove. 

  • Click Ok once you are done making changes.


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