Not Able to Send to Distribution Lists


I'm not able to send to distribution lists.


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 Note: If you are trying to send to a distribution list that is associated with the DL_MCCStaff list (IT Managed Distribution Lists) you will need approval from the Communications dept ( to gain access. 

IT Managed Distribution Lists
DL_Administrative Support Personnel - FT
DL_Administrative Support Personnel - FT NBU
DL_Administrators - All
DL_Administrators - FT
DL_Administrators - FT - NBU
DL_Administrators - PT - NBU
DL_Faculty - All
DL_Faculty - FT
DL_Faculty - FT - NBU
DL_Part Time Employees
DL_Part Time Faculty
DL_Part Time Non-Faculty
DL_Part Time Service Faculty
DL_Public Safety

 Note: If you need to send to a Union Managed Distribution List approval will need to come from the Union president.

Union Managed Distribution Lists
DL_Administrative Support Personnel - FT - AFSCME
DL_Administrators - FT - MCAAP
DL_Faculty - FT - MCCFO
DL_Maintenance/Operational - MCCCOPA
DL_Part Time Faculty - AAFMCC
DL_Part Time Non_Faculty - AFSCME
DL_Public Safety - POLC
DL_Public Safety - POLCCO


Below you will find there are 4 different methods of troubleshooting. 

Method 1: Delete the Autofill

In a new email when you start typing an email address remove any previously associated distribution lists.

  • Select the X next to the name of the auto-fill address you are trying to remove.
  • Type in the full email address

Method 2: Select from Address Book

In a new email select Address book from the menu bar or select the To in the email to open the address book.

  • Search for the distribution list in the address book.
  • Double click the name of the distribution list to put it in the To field. 
  • To put in another field highlight the distribution list and then select the field you want to put it in. 
  • Select OK once complete.

Method 3: Send from Web Version of Outlook

  • Navigate to
  • Open a new message, add the distribution list. You can also select To button to open the address book and select from there. 

 Note: You can also remove previously sent (auto-fill) email addresses from here the same way as method 1. 

Method 4: Download Address Book from the Server

  • Select File from the menu at the top.

  • Under Account Settings, select Download Address Book.

  • Select OK from the Offine Address Book menu.


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