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How do I invite a non-Macomb email address to a team?


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Microsoft Office 365/Teams/OneDrive Usage Policy


CAUTION! Do not invite a non-Macomb guest to a team that contains sensitive or confidential Macomb information! Owners of Teams with invited guests are responsible to monitor the information stored in the shared team and remove all guest access accounts if data, posts, or files of confidential or sensitive nature is stored in a shared Team or when collaboration with that invited guest is no longer required. Administration reserves the right to remove external guests when exposure to sensitive or private data is discovered.

Capabilities of Guest Access in Microsoft Teams

Macomb guest users can chat (with some limitations), participate in channel conversations, participate in meetings, share their screen, and share files. However, guests don’t have access to other functions available to team members of the organization, like OneDrive for Business and the Teams calendar.

Team owners can add as many guests as they wish.

Add a Guest to your Team in Teams

Guests must have a Microsoft 365 work or school account. If the guest doesn’t yet have a Microsoft account associated with their non-macomb email address, they will be directed to create one for free.

Note: After you add a guest to a team, it may take a few hours before they have access.

  • Select the Teams tab in Teams.

  • Select ellipsis (3 dots) next to the team you want to add a guest to. 
  • Select Add member.

  • Type in email address.
  • Select the box that says Add *email address* as a guest.

  • Select Add.

  • It will display the guest user. Select Close.


What the Guest User Receives

  • They will get an email letting them know they have been invited to a team.

 Note: If the guest user didn't receive the email have them check their spam filter.

  • Click on the Open Microsoft Teams link in the email to join the Team.

  • Click Send code.

 Note: If the guest user already has a Microsoft account associated with their email address they will be asked to sign in instead. Skip two steps down if they already have an account. 

  • Enter the code from your email. 
  • Click Sign in. 

  • Click Accept after you have read the agreement.

  • It will prompt you to Open Microsoft Teams if you already have it installed. If you do not have the app installed you can select Use on the web app instead. 

  • They will be prompted to set up MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) for their account. Click Next.

  • They can use the Microsoft Authenticator app by clicking Next or choose another method by selecting I want to set up a different method. 

To view more instructions about MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) click here.



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