Error When Using MFA to Sign-in to Applications (Colleague, etc) with Passwordless Authentication


I received an error saying I could not sign in. 


  • MFA

Additional Details

To find out more details about Passwordless authentication


Some applications we use at the college do not support passwordless authentication. If you have this set up you may receive an error below. 

 Note: These steps will need to be completed before you log in for the first time in the day, in a different browser you haven't logged into, or a private/incognito browser. 

  • Start the login process by entering your email address. The next screen will ask you to put a code in your authenticator app. Select Use your password instead. 
  • Enter your network/MyMacomb password

  • You will be prompted to authenticate once you have entered your password. 


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Fri 10/27/23 3:33 PM
Fri 10/27/23 3:43 PM