Things YOU can do to Improve your MFA Experience


Things that can be done to provide a better MFA experience.


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Below are some tips to make your experience with MFA easier:

  • Make validation quick and convenient by configuring the Microsoft Authenticator app, not SMS texts, as your default MFA validation method. A quick response to the MFA notification sent to your phone is all it takes.  No long strings of numbers to retype!
  • Manage the notifications on your phone! Users that don’t use/pay attention to the notifications on their phone, or have not turned off notifications they really don’t need, have the greatest difficulty using the Microsoft Authenticator app because they don’t easily see the MFA validation alert when it arrives.
  • When setting up MFA methods, do not close windows until completed. When retrieving a validation code during setup, minimize your browser window or open a new tab. 
  • Go to to reset your password or to update your MFA methods and review all access attempts to your account.
  • If you do not have a smartphone, request a YubiKey security Fob here.
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