Can't Login to Macomb Issued Account


I cannot access my Macomb issued network account.


 Single Sign On: The four resources listed below require the same credentials

  • Signing in to an MCC-owned computer 
  • Accessing the following MCC websites:
    • MyMacomb - 
    • Email - 
    • Canvas -


If you are not able to access:

  1. Your account is locked: The account will lockout when the incorrect user name/password are entered 10 times. To have the account unlocked you can wait 25 minutes for it to unlock automatically, or you can contact the Service Desk immediately for assistance: 586 445-7156 or *1 from any on-campus phone. 
  2. Your credentials aren't correct:
    1. The caps lock/number lock may have been turned on resulting in you typing your credentials correctly, but still not being entered correctly. 
    2. Passwords expire - you are entering what you know to be the correct password, however, your password has expired since the last login and requires a change. Passwords expire yearly.
    3. Forgot password - For students please contact 586-445-7999 option 8 and then option 1. For staff call 586-445-7156. 
  3. Staff Account Disabled: Accounts get disabled when employees are on leave (medical, other) or no longer an employee. 
  4. Student Account Archived: If a student your account will be archived after 2 years of inactivity. You will need to contact Records and Registration to update your profile. You can reach them at 586-445-7999 option 4 and then option 2 or email them at

For assistance with accounts: 

During business hours: For students, you can contact the Student Tech Support Desk at 586-445-7999 option 8 and then option 1. For staff, you can contact the Service Desk: 586 445-7156 or *1 from any on-campus phone. 

After business hours: You can reset your password using the "Forgotten Password' button on

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