Not Receiving Emails in Outlook Desktop


  • Outlook desktop client will not update new emails
    • The most common cause of this issue is a temporary loss of network connectivity.  It is also possible that your password needs to be updated if it has been changed recently.


  • MCC owned computers


If you have changed your password recently:

  • Close and Reopen Outlook, you will be prompted for your new password.

If you have not changed your password recently:

  • Verify that you have an active internet connection
  • Verify that Outlook's connection status is Connected to: Microsoft Exchange
    • If you have an internet connection but Outlook's status is Not Connected this is an issue that usually resolves itself. 
      • If the problem persists for more than 30 minutes, please submit a ticket or call the Service Desk at 586-445-7156.
      • You can use Outlook for the web to check your e-mail while waiting for Outlook to reconnect.
    • If the status is Connected to: Microsoft Exchange and you are not receiving e-mails:
      • Open the Send/Receive section of the toolbar and click Send/Receive All Folders
      • Close & Reopen Outlook
      • Restart Your Computer



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