Staff - New Hire FAQ for Account Access


What is the process for new hires to receive a network account?


  • Affects all newly hired employees.


Below is a brief overview of steps that need to take place in order for a staff to have access to their college issued network account & email.

  1. The hiring department submits paperwork packet to Human Resources.
  2. Human Resources creates an account in Colleague that has the fields required for active employment status.
  3. A report is ran nightly that takes all new accounts that are flagged as active employees and creates a network account. 
  4. The hiring department submits a new employee security form to CIT to have an email address created.
  5. CIT applies the security access requested for the new hires account.  The hiring administrator who submitted the form will receive an email with the new hire's credentials.

Common Issues

While we would like to accommodate most security access requests within 2-3 business days.  Unfortunately, you may experience a delay with your requests during busier times of the year (i.e. the start of semester, etc.) .  Here are a few areas that may cause a hang up in the process along the way regardless of the time of year.  

  • A new hire's "person account" in Colleague may not have been completed yet.  Until all required fields are completed there may be issues with new account creation.  Please contact Human Resources via x7885.
  • HR may back date an employee and this may cause a problem with the automated process that creates network accounts.  If you confirm with HR that a new hire has been backdated in Colleague then please contact the Service Desk via x7156 for assistance with getting the new hire's network account created.
  • There may be delays in converting new hire accounts that were previously students or are active students.  Please follow up with the Service Desk via x7156 to inquire about any delays for new hires that are currently students.


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