Use File Explorer for Teams Files


How can I use file explorer to view my Team's files?


  • Windows
  • Teams


Method 1: Setting it up through Teams

  • Open Teams.

  • Open the Team.
  • Select Files from the menu at the top.

  • Click Open in SharePoint. 

 Note: The instructions continue below method 2. 

Method 2: Setting it up through the web

  • Click on the Team you want to sync files with. 

  • Click on Documents on the menu on the left.

Once you complete Method 1 or Method 2 to open your Teams in Sharepoint: 

  • In the Documents section, Click Sync from the menu at the top.

  • Click Sync Now.

  • A pop-up will appear asking to Open Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Click Open Microsoft OneDrive.

  • You will get a pop up in the corner to the right saying its syncing your files.

 Note: You will be able to view your files for that team under file explorer. You will need to do this process for each group in Teams. 

  • To view the files, select File Explorer. 

  • On the left menu, expand the Macomb Community College folder.
  • Select the group.

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