Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) - Phone Call



How do I set up to get a phone call for Multi-Factor Authentication? 


  • Multi-Factor Authentication 

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 Note: These directions are typical for most users, but your experience might be slightly different. Please contact the Service Desk if you need any assistance with MFA or SSPR registration. 

  • Enter your password and click Sign in.
  • If you are prompted to stay signed in, click No.

  • Click Add method, on the Security Info page. 

  • Select Phone from the drop-down, click Add. 

  • Make sure Call me is selected and enter your phone number. 
  • Click Next. 


  • Answer your phone when called. You will hear a brief automated message. 
  • Press the # key to verify your login attempt. 

 Note: Phone calls may not come from the same phone number for every verification attempt.

  • Your phone is now registered. Click Done. 

  • Confirm your default sign-in method is set to Phone – call. To change your default method if incorrect click Change. 

If you have added any other MFA or SSPR methods previously, they will all be listed here. 

  • Select Phone – call from the drop-down. 
  • Click Confirm. 

You should now see Phone – call as the default sign-in method. 



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