Macomb Email Address Lookup


I don’t know my Macomb email address. How do I find it?


  • Macomb Student Account


Starting the Email Address Lookup

  • Navigate to the Macomb Email Address Lookup page to begin the Email Address Lookup process.
  • Enter the personal email address on-file with Macomb Community College, as shown below.
  • Click Submit.

  • Check the inbox of the email address entered.
  • You should receive an email containing from with your Macomb Email Address within a few minutes.


Additional Troubleshooting

I entered my personal email address, but did not receive an email

  • Check your spam folder and your deleted emails.
  • Verify that your inbox is not full. If it is, clear out a few unwanted emails and submit your personal email address again.
  • Macomb may not have your email address on-file, or there may be a technical issue. Please reach out to Student Tech Support by emailing or by calling (586) 445-7999 option 8, followed by option 1.
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