Articles (24)

Becoming a Student at Macomb

Process a student will go through to take classes at Macomb

Download Microsoft Project and Visio Software for Students

How to get Microsoft Project and Visio for free

Drop/Withdraw from a Class in Student Planner

How to drop or withdraw from a class

Early College of Macomb Laptop Program

This article provides contact information for the Early College of Macomb Laptop Program

How to Access Your Student Email Account

Accessing your student email account

How to Register for Classes in My Macomb

This article provides a step-by-step guide for students to register for classes through

Login to a Student Borrowed Laptop

Login for student borrowed machines

Pay-for-Print (Papercut)

Pay-for-Print is a student service that allows enrolled students to print resources while on campus (service provided by Papercut).

Update Student Record

How do I update my student records