I Don't Have my Phone or Authentication Method Available to me to get into my Account


I don't have my phone, I lost my phone, I have a new phone, or my authentication methods are not available to me to get into my account. How do I get into my account? 


  • Macomb Account
  • MFA


If you are not able to authenticate your account with your multi-factor authentication methods you will need to request a temporary access pass. You can do that by calling 586-445-7999 option 8 and then option 1 and verifying your security information (student ID/employee ID, year of birth, and the last six digits of your social security number). You can also fill out this form to get a temporary access pass: Request a Temporary Access Pass/Password Reset.

Once you have received your temporary access pass you can go to aka.ms/mysecurityinfo to update your authentication methods. The temporary access pass will expire so you will need to have your phone or a new method set up. 

To learn how to use your temporary access pass: Using a Temporary Access Pass (Temporary Password)

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