How to Setup RedSky MyE911


How to setup Redsky


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See the PDF document on the right side to learn how to use RedSky. 

Click this knowledge base article to set your location: Adding your Location to RedSky (MyE911)


As provisioned by the RAY BAUM Act, all College softphone users must install the RedSky MyE911 app. Using the MyE911 app will ensure that first responders will be able to locate you quickly and accurately in the event of an emergency where you dial 911.

The RedSky application will be automatically pushed out to your computer. 

  • After the application is installed, go into your system tray at the bottom right and right-click the red circle red sky app. Then select Settings. 

  Screenshot of the Settings popup box on Windows devices

  • When you encounter the Device registration popup box, enter your email address and confirm the Host field appears as below.
  • Select Send

Screenshot of the Device registration popup box for Windows machines

  • After you select Send, you will receive an automated email with a verification code. (Check your spam/junk folder if you do not receive an email in your inbox within a few minutes.)

  • Enter the verification code into the Device registration popup box and select Verify.

 Screenshot of the Device registration box for Windows devices


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