How to Share a Folder/File in One Drive to Macomb Email Address.


How do I share a large folder/file with a Macomb email address? 


  • Microsoft One Drive

Additional Details

By default when sharing, people are allowed to edit the folder and/or files. If you do not want that level of access you will need to change the permissions when you create the link. Otherwise, you cannot change it. You will need to create a new link. At the bottom of the article, you will see the instructions on how to set the permissions. 


  • Navigate to One Drive.
  • Log in using your Macomb network credentials (Use your full email address).
  • Run your mouse over the file or folder you want to share. The radio button will appear to the left. Click the radio button next to the folder or file.
    • This will bring up your options in the menu bar along the top.
    • You can also select the 3 vertical dots next to the name of the folder or file for the actions. 
  • Select Share.


  • Enter the Macomb email address and an optional message

      Note: By default, the email address would be able to edit the file and/or folder. To change rights follow the instructions below. 

  • Select People in Macomb Community College with this link can edit. 


  • Macomb employees should already be checked. Under the header Other Settings, Uncheck Allow Editing
  • Click Apply.

  • On the previous menu, select Send. This will send them an email with the link to the file/folder. 

  • You will get pop-up that confirms the link has been sent. 

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