How to Reset your Password Using SSPR


I forgot my password how do I reset my password?


  • Network Account
  • Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)


  • If prompted select Work or school account. 

 Note: You may only get this prompt if you select the option Can't access your account? option on the previous step. 

  • Enter your Macomb Email address in the box.
  • Enter the captcha.
  • Click Next. 

  • Select a verification method. Each method has different information required to verify. 
  • If you choose:
    • Alternate email - you will be required to get a code from your alternate email (not Macomb email address) and put it in the box.
    • Text my mobile phone -  you will receive a text message with a code you will need to enter in the box.
    • Call my mobile phone -  will ask you to enter your phone number to verify then call you. When it calls, it asks you hit the pound sign (#) to verify.
    • Answer my security questions - will ask you the questions you set up in SSPR.
    • Approve a notification on my authenticator app -  will send a notification to you through the authenticator application to approve the request.
    • Enter a code from my authenticator app - you will go into the authenticator app to get a code and enter in the box. 

 Note: You may not have all methods that are set up in the below screenshot it is dependent on what you set up in your account. 

  • After you verify the first method you will be required to select a second method to verify. The first method you used will no longer be available during this session.

  • Enter a password in the Enter new password box. Enter the same password into the Confirm new password.
  • Select Finish.

  • You will receive the following message displaying Your password has been reset

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