Installing the VPN (GlobalProtect) Client


How to do I install VPN (GlobalProtect)?


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Method 1: Company Portal

The Company Portal is installed on a college issue device. The Company Portal is accessible with only an internet connection. No VPN is required. Please view the knowledge base article: Installing Software from Company Portal

 Note: After installing with the Company Portal your computer will reboot without asking. Please make sure all files are saved and computer ready to be rebooted before installing. 

Method 2: Web Browser

  • Open a web browser.

 Note: You cannot open this connected to the Macomb network or on a cell phone.

  • Type in in the address bar.
  • Log in with your network credentials. 

  • Select which version you need for your computer. If you select the wrong one it will let you know to select a different one based on your machine. 

  • If in Chrome double click the box at the bottom to open the installer. If in IE or Edge select Run from the pop up. 
Chrome  Edge
  • Click Yes to allow changes from this app. 

  • Click Next on the installer pop up. 

  • Keep the default folder and click Next.

  • Click Next.

  • Once complete you will get a message saying it's installed. Click Close

  • You will then get a prompt to log in:
    • Portal:
    • Username: Network Username
    • Password: Network password
  • Click Connect.




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