Staff & Faculty - 1st Day To-Do's

Here are a few easy to-do's for your first day of work:

Note: If you don’t have a desk phone, login & password, or a PC, inquire with your hiring manager about whether a service request was submitted to the Service Desk.  If they have already submitted a request and/or you are missing any of these items, contact the Service Desk for assistance from *1 from any on-campus telephone.

Access to your MyMacomb account:

  • Your employee number (User ID) is 1234567
  • Your network login is: SmithJ123
  • Your Macomb email address is:
  • Create a password.  Go to  and select Activate Account.  Use the User ID from Step #1 above.  Create your password and answer the security questions so you can use the automated password reset functions in the future.  College policy requires passwords be a minimum of seven characters and contain at least three of the following: an upper case character, a lower case character, a numeral or a punctuation character. After your account has been activated you will be taken to the MyMacomb portal.  Additional information can be found in our Knowledge Base, here.

1st Day on Campus - Turn on your PC:

  • If you have a college issued Laptop, it will automatically connect to our wireless system.  If you have a desktop PC, it will be connected to our network automatically via a network cable.
  • Login using your network login (SmithJ123) and newly created password explained above.
    • You will have immediate access to the MyMacomb staff portal (WebAdvisor/Self-service), Canvas (Learning Management System) and the internet.  For additional system security you will need your hiring manager to complete IT security forms.
    • Open a browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc…). 
    • Type in any browser for access to the MyMacomb staff portal.

How to use your desk phone:

  • Dial 9 to get an outside line or 9 followed by a 1 for long distance.
  • Dial the last 4 digits of the phone number to reach any internal phone number.  If the phone directory displays 445-7000, then just type 7000.
  • Dial 911 on any desk phone to reach Campus Police.  Dialing 911 on your cell phone will connect you with the local police department and not Campus Police.
  • Non-emergency calls to Campus Police (Center Campus #2123, South Campus #7135)
  • For more information on how to set up your desk phone and voice mail, including having your voice mails delivered to your email account hit *1 on your desk phone for the Service Desk.

Wireless access for mobile devices:

Go into WiFi settings on your phone.  The following wireless networks will be displayed (mGuest and MyMacomb).


  • "Open" (unauthenticated) access for staff, students and visitors.
  • Speeds and internet resource availability optimized for non-academic use.
  • Even for staff, this SSID will meet most needs.


  • Authenticated access for student, faculty and staff personally owned devices.
  • Requires login with your Macomb network (MyMacomb portal) credentials.
  • Provides Internet and Macomb resource access identical to 'wired' on campus connection.
  • Provides faculty and students open access to full academic content.


  • If you have a Macomb issued Laptop or tablet, it will automatically connect to the mSecure network which will give you access to most of Macomb’s internal systems.

Email access:

Macomb will be creating a email mailbox for you in the next few days.  This email address will be used for all official communication from Macomb Community College to you.  The login and password is the same as above.  If the mail box has not been created within 3 business days please call the Service Desk at 586-445-7156 for help.

Additional Information:


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